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I have had deep and amazing experiences that have lifted my spiritual life and healing to levels I never imagined!
— P. Hemming
Sacred Listening truly changed my life. I have learned so much from the elders and all the beautiful beings in this community. Meeting you has been the beginning of a new era for me. I was led to a path I’ve been seeking for a while without consciously knowing that it exists. You made a huge impact in my life and I am deeply grateful.
The work that was done for me in Sacred Listening last year saved me in a lot of ways. The ability to listen, to come back to myself, to remember or maybe even get acquainted with parts of myself for the first time that I had forgotten or lost or not known. It made me believe that things were possible that I didn’t think were possible.
Sacred Listening has become a way of life starting with the felting of the Grandmother skirt. In the wool, I could see what was going on with me. I began learning with enthusiasm and willingness, with no idea what would happen. Before there was a swirl of dust in my life and by listening in a sacred way, it has settled. I am not alone, this truly is a community.
— c. hensolt
Sacred Listening has been pretty profound. It is powerful to sit in circle and say whatever you need to from the heart and have it be received in a good way. I am learning about bridging and bonding, childhood contracts. There is so much I have been unaware of that is going on all the time.
— d. markie
Sacred Listening has helped me get honest with myself and remain more honest than ever before. I could look at my behavior and what I’ve said and done and see new ways to say and do things. I have a lot to learn and I want to keep doing this. The people are warm and helpful. This community is where I want to be.
— C. Entzel
Sacred Listening has given me clarity. It helps me go beyond the emotion I’m noticing to the one I’m really feeling at its baseline. I can look at what it really is, examine it and figure it out. I am finding that with knowledge comes a very big responsibility. I can’t sit back and be complacent. I have to be in integrity with that knowledge.
— p. vaynshenk