Join us at The Giveaway Lodge to help us help the world

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Stewardship is the foundation of our commitment at The Giveaway Lodge. Being a steward is one of the privileges of being a member of our sacred community. Members who volunteer at The Giveaway Lodge understand we are all given gifts to share for the benefit of all.

 We are taught that these gifts are to be used to profit a company, community or individual. In exchange, we meet our financial needs and have enough left over to meet our personal desires. Our culture taught us to focus on the “me” and forgot the value and meaning of the “we.” Most of our conversations about the “we” still are associated with the bottom line.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO VOLUNTEER the first weekend of each month, LET US KNOW!

The Giveaway Lodge reminds us that we can use our gifts and talents to benefit our home, city, state, country, world and the next seven generations. It is not a small calling, it is a great one. Consider sharing your gifts and contributing to something greater than you. When you do, you will be helping to support the elders that journey from all parts of the world to offer their wisdom, light and teachings. You will support how these teachings change the world for the better. You will teach the children how to walk in the light.

 When you offer your Give Away, you will be Giving A Way for others to learn how to gratefully and gracefully step into the light and love of the present moment.