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Reclaim Your Sacred Nature

Real Connections. DEEP HEALING. meaningful Impact.

There is no instruction manual for being human or for creating fulfilling relationships. We need a new model of relating to one another and all living beings. 

Connect with a Sacred and loving community – kindred spirits who love you enough to be a mirror so that you can see what holds you back from being your True Self, grounded in your joy and vitality. 

Receive guidance and support as you call forth powerful self-transformation and healing. Live your life in a way that inspires others to connect to their Spirit’s wisdom. Leave a legacy that supports a bright future for generations to come.

View the Slide Show from the 2018 Nuevo Fuego Ceremony


What do we do at The Giveaway Lodge?

 “As a professional counselor I walk with others through pain and trauma. It is easy to forget the health of my own spirit. To do all I can for my clients I need to work on myself continuously. The health of my spirit is a consideration I can never forget when it comes to working with others and the Giveaway Lodge has become a vital part of my self care.” —Bryan Rose

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