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Meet Our Nuevo Fuego Elders

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JORGE villanueva castillo

Jorge is a gifted healer, powerful shaman, energy worker and spiritual teacher. He was born in a small fishing town in Progresso, Yucatan Mexico. At a young age he began healing others through traditional shamanic methods and quickly developed a sense of the Spirit world. He naturally experiences shifts in consciousness and can see energy, multiple dimensions, spirit, auras and disturbances inside the physical body. As a medical intuitive, he found he could energetically shift the physical into the perfect ethereal body to bring about healing. His work in the United States allows him to call forth and expand his ability to understand the bigger picture of Oneness.


Horse Coffman

Horse is a Teacher for our Time and for anyone ready to benefit from the gifts that developed from his transformations. Throughout numerous hardships, Horse encountered on his journey, there is something ever present that shines forth. It is his inner knowing, his way of seeing and spiritually understanding from a place of deep connection with all of humanity. Horse knows how love and energy works. He was taught by over 27 spiritual teachers and intuitive masters. 

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Edgar Francisco Peraza

Edgar is a poet, herbalist and Maya Priest. His connection with nature, plants, the sacred elements, myths and legends, the Mayan ceremonies, made him return to his community of birth and to the teachings of his grandfather. He combined his scientific research with traditional medicine spirituality and his Maya Priesthood; giving him the ability to do different ceremonies for the elements. He has developed skills in different areas such as traditional Mayan medicine, reading and writing in the Maya language, as well as in the studies and works in poetry and literature.

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Thupten Dadak

Thupten Dadak was born in Tibet and grew up in a traditional household where daily life was defined by the devotional practices of Tibetan Buddhism. He taught mantras and simple rituals at age six and eventually became a monk at the famed Gyuto Tantric Monastery. Thupten discovered he had the “Gyuto voice”, the deep vibrational sound of Gyuto’s famous multi-tonal sacred choir which is known for its transcendent power. The Gyuto monks spend countless hundreds of hours chanting prayers for peace and enlightenment for all sentient beings, and in doing so they deeply absorb the experience and vibrations of the secret teachings they practice. He also founded the Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota and led the Tibetan resettlement project which resulted in 2nd largest Tibetan community in USA.

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Bud Johnston, Ojibwe

Bud Johnston, Keepers president since 1996, is a storyteller, a teacher, an artist and an elder. Bud began quarrying and carving pipestone in about 1985 after his work transferred him to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Bud is an enrolled member of the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Indians. Bud continues to coordinate the Keepers annual gathering since 1996 with the valuable help of many volunteers, creating publicity as well as organizing artist demonstrations, vendor booths and locating dancers and drums for the annual pow wow.

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Rona Johnston, Cherokee

Rona started carving in 1980 and has had many teachers. There are many people who she would like to thank for their guidance, teachings and wisdom, including Adrianne Roan Bear, Jack Crow, Deb and Christopher Michaels, Travis Erickson, Buck Ghost Horse, her husband Bud Johnston, Gene Bell, Breon Lake, Butch and Lee Taylor, and her 4 children (Jessica, Aaron, Pascal, and Camas) to name a few. Rona has traveled extensively and lived in many places around the US and has had the opportunity to study the culture, arts and mythology of many tribes. Rona has shown her work at many arts shows and pow wows around the US including the Herd Museum, Indian Summer, Colorado Indian Market, Red Earth, Gathering of Nations, and Brookings Art Festival.

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ted harrison

Ted (Shire) is a Human Ecologist and an Earth Teacher. Over the past 45 years, he has worked and shared with individuals, families and groups of people in prisons, institutions, residential treatment programs, clinics and wilderness settings. As a psychotherapist, trainer, consultant and teach of Earth wisdom, his organic approach to life and healing is that we are all related and connected. To heal yourself, you must also heal the Earth. And, as you work to heal the Earth, you are also healed.

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Jeanne is a Marriage and Family Therapist. She supports people to empower their hopes and dreams by enhancing their mental, emotional and spiritual strength. She calls forth developmental tools that serve in accessing and integrating the wealth of wisdom and knowledge from the unconscious and bringing them into play in daily life. This discovery process opens new doors of thought, creativity and spirituality. Jeanne's creative and cutting-edge work was ignited by formative teachers such as Jean Huston, Milton Erickson and Elisabeth Kubler-Ross.

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Lynn Baskfield

Lynn is a talented equine coach. She was born loving horses and has had horses ever since she was a child. Horses have always connected her with Great Spirit, the consciousness that informs who she is, her place in the world, and the sustenance of nature. When she thinks of horses, the first thing that strikes her is their spirit. She sees them galloping across a plain, heads high, ears forward. Or she thinks of her own horse, Blue Angel, a gentle mare with a soft eye who holds Lynn’s spirit (and yours) with grace.